Answer The Top Asked Circuit Breaker Questions


Answer The Top Asked Circuit Breaker Questions

Some of the most common questions residential electricians get are about circuit breakers. These tools that are designed to prevent power surges and damage to your electrical system can often be a source of a lot of confusion for homeowners. Everyone wants to make sure their circuit breaker is working correctly and not falsely shutting off power. In this article, we will cover some of the most frequently asked questions about breakers. If you need repairs, inspections, or work done for your home or business in the Boston area, please give us a call. 

Why Does My Circuit Breaker Buzz?

A low buzzing sound from your circuit breaker might not be anything to worry about. It is common for circuit breakers to make a short buzzing sound when they are turned on as the electrical current goes through the components. However, if the buzzing is loud, gets louder, doesn’t go away, or gets progressively worse you should call an electrician to take a look. Buzzing is only normal when you first turn on the breaker and shouldn’t be happening on a daily basis. 

Why Is My Circuit Breaker Warm? 

A warm circuit breaker is a cause for concern. If your breaker panel feels warm or hot to the touch you should call an electrician right away. Common causes of a hot circuit breaker are loose wires or an overloaded circuit. This could be because your breaker is old, or you are using newer appliances that are creating a higher load on your electrical system than it is built to handle. Regardless of the cause, you will want an electrician at your home or business right away to inspect and repair your breaker. 

Why Does My Breaker Trip When It Rains?

If your breaker trips during a rainstorm it may be because an external wire or outlet got moisture in it which caused the breaker to trip. You want to make sure that any outdoor electrical devices, wires, and plugs, are insulated during storms to prevent power loss. 

Why Does My Breaker Trip When I Use Specific Appliances

If a specific appliance is causing your breaker to trip you should investigate a few things. The issue could be the appliance itself, the outlet your using, or your breaker. You can test this by trying a different appliance or a different outlet with the same appliance. It may be that your electrical system is not equipped to handle the power needed by that appliance. For example, many homes struggle to power newer appliances if they are older. 

Electrical Repair in Boston

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