Electrical Inspections & Maintenance in Massachusetts

Electrical Service Inspections & Service Upgrades

Having your home inspected by professional electricians is the best way to avoid overpaying for electricity and keep your home safe. Our team of licensed electricians can perform a full electrical home inspection and make recommendations to improve your electrical service. Our wiring designs are made to be efficient and code compliant.

Breaker Panel Upgrades and Repairs

If you are experiencing consistent power outages or your breaker system is outdated have Cardoso Electrical Services help repair or upgrade your system. Our team can diagnose your electrical problem and find the best solution for you. Whether you need your circuit breaker replaced or just repaired, we can help.

Outlets and Switches

If your outlets or switches are damaged, or you are remodeling your home and want to add new switches and outlets, hire a member of our team to help. Our team can install new outlets and switches in your home. We can also help design outlet locations based on your floor plan and your own specifications.

Code Corrections & Aluminum Wiring Repairs

Many Massachusetts and New Hampshire homes are not built to code. Aluminum wiring can also cause fires. If you have aluminum wiring, have our team come an inspect the wiring to make sure it is safe and make necessary repairs when needed.

Custom Home Wiring

If you need your home rewired or need special custom wiring we can help. Our team is made up of licensed electricians that can design and install custom wiring jobs to meet your budget and specifications. When building a new home we work with contractors to wire the home based on plans for security and home automation.

Smoke Detectors and Carbon Monoxide Detectors

Cardoso Electrical Services can help install, inspect, repair and replace your smoke and carbon monoxide detectors. It is recommended that you test all your smoke detectors monthly and replace batteries once or twice a year. If you notice a problem with your detectors, our team can help.

A/C Upgrades & Heating Repairs

Are you paying too much on your utility bill or unhappy with your air conditioning or heating? We can help install or repair your existing utilities to improve how your home is heated or cooled.


If you are having electrical problems like flickering lights, burn marks around your outlets, or outages you should call a member of our team. We can help troubleshoot your wiring, breakers, generators, or any other electrical problem you are having. Our licensed electricians have the experience to diagnose and fix any electrical problem.

If you need any of the above services or have another electrical problem we can take a look at, call us at 781-246-7700 or email us at [email protected].