Salem, MA Electrician


As a completely insured and licensed emergency electrician, Cardoso Electrical Services serves not only Massachusetts but also New Hampshire, Maine, and Vermont with its dependable services. Although our main office is located in Wakefield, Massachusetts, we are committed to providing excellent customer service to the Salem region and will send out one of our skilled electricians right away to handle any emergency electrical needs. Apart from providing emergency services, our group of proficient experts handles the commercial, industrial, and residential electrical needs of the Salem region, guaranteeing excellent service and client contentment for a variety of tasks and uses.

Residential Electrician in Salem

Exceptional home electrical services are offered by the team at Cardoso Electrical Services. We have years of experience helping homeowners in older houses in Salem with residential electrical services. To make sure you are up to date with the most recent building codes, we have a great deal of expertise in rewiring homes. Do you need to raise your home’s value? Our Salem electricians can accomplish this even in a more recent construction by adding more outlets or installing smart-energy lighting. From installing a new outlet to assisting with the electrical system in your new addition, our staff can help. We offer both exterior and indoor work.

Commercial Electrician in Salem

Cardoso offers businesses and commercial properties in the Salem area a range of beneficial services. We would be pleased to assist you with any needs you may have, including the installation or maintenance of security systems, outside signage, or just an indoor electrician to help fix something. In addition to maintenance and system installations, we also offer assistance with generator setup and alternative energy. We can assist if it becomes necessary to add new outlets or alter the facility’s layout after ownership of the property changes.

Electrical Maintenance & Emergency Electrician in Salem

To ensure our clients’ peace of mind and continued business operations, our all-inclusive maintenance package goes above and beyond to proactively tackle any concerns that may develop within your property. To find the root of any issues, start by carefully inspecting your current electrical setup, paying particular attention to everything from outlets to service connections. 

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Don’t let electrical issues disrupt your home or business any longer. Trust Cardoso Electrical Service to provide prompt, reliable solutions tailored to your needs. Our team of experienced professionals is ready to tackle any electrical challenge with expertise and efficiency. Contact us today at (781) 246-7700 to schedule a consultation and experience the difference of quality service. Let us ensure your electrical systems are safe, efficient, and up to code.