LED Lighting

Rewire your thinking! Commercial LED installations can make the difference between a smart workplace and a smarter one. Likewise our residential LED applications are saving homeowners significant costs while boosting their value.

Cardoso Electric’s emphasis on green-build technologies is about cleaner, fresher air. Cardoso has made a commitment to promoting and implementing low-cost sustainable products for the homeowner and commercial property owner. These standards for state-of-the-art environmentally sustainable technology are becoming more popular in construction today.

The rate of commercial installation of LED systems is higher than residential installations when incorporating construction across the industry. LED has thrived in commercial use because facility managers love the fact that they are cost-effective, energy saving, and longer lasting. The managers that are using the LED systems are gaining in the long run by netting savings that build from month to month.

When you think about all of the different devices that use energy in your home from a light bulb to a computer that is running constantly in a home, there is a lot of unnecessary energy being used. By switching to LED lighting systems you make a small change that doesn’t affect your everyday life, doesn’t cost much more, and saves you money in the long run.

Today’s average homeowner has so many payments to worry about with outsized mortgages, student loans, and much more. One of the biggest reasons that the LED lighting system should appeal to homeowners is the savings in the long run. The amount of energy being used to light a house takes up a major portion of a homeowner’s electric bill. Changing to energy-efficient lighting with an LED system gives homeowner’s increased control of their monthly electric bill and other expenses. Homeowner’s who install LED lighting may qualify for federal and or municipal tax credits.