How To Cut Down Your Electricity Bill

How To Cut Down Your Electricity Bill

Has your electricity bill been high lately? Are you looking for ways to cut down on electricity and save money? Look no further! Cardoso Electrical Services is here with some tips on best practices for cutting down on your electricity bill while not affecting your quality of life. 

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Install Dimmer

Most lights emit more light than we need. Instead of using more electricity than necessary, install dimmer switches and only use the amount of electricity and light that you need. Not only do dimmers help with electric costs but also add different lighting options to your home. 

Dry Your Laundry Outdoor

 Dryers use a significant amount of energy. If you are doing four or more loads of laundry a month, you will surely see the difference in your electricity bill by switching over to air drying your clothing.

Check Your Electronics Before Bed

Take a quick walk through your home before heading to bed and make sure everything is turned off. Simply turning your cable box off when it isn’t being used can save you about $20 annually so imagine the savings if you make these changes across the board!

Install Ceiling Fans

Ceiling fans are a great way to stay cool and move air around your home. They will save you hundreds of dollars by relying on them instead of air conditioners. Ceiling fans also have the added wind flow element that an air conditioner doesn’t have. 

Close the Blinds

In the summer months, sunlight will affect your electric bill. By leaving blinds and curtains open, you will allow more heat into your home and will then pay the price to cool it off. Avoid this added expense by keeping blinds and curtains closed in the warmer months. Go the extra mile and buy UV protective blinds or shades to block out as much heat as possible. 

Switch to LED Lighting

Not only has LED lighting proved to be more efficient but it also will save you money. LED lights also have the benefit of lasting years longer than traditional builds which helps with costs even more

Cardoso Electrical Services Is Here With Cost Saving Tips

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