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Cardoso Electrical Services works with a variety of industrial clients throughout Wakefield and the Greater Boston area. We are focused on providing electrical services that can help your industrial location function and avoid issues with power surges or power outages. Industrial facilities require specialized services when performing maintenance or inspections due to the increased electrical output needed for these locations. Additionally, many industrial locations require specialized equipment that we can install, maintain, and troubleshoot for you including computer circuits & PLC motor control systems.


Infrared Panel Scanning Services

Cardoso Electrical Services uses IR scanning or infrared panel scanning to perform preventative maintenance on large industrial power systems in Massachusetts. Excess heat in your electrical system is a telltale sign of an issue and potential electrical fire or power surge. By using IR scanning when we perform maintenance we can test areas where there is a significant load on your electrical system for any potential spikes in heat. Preventative maintenance is always the best way to protect your electrical system as well as your property. It is ideal to perform maintenance early on instead of waiting for an issue to become a great problem.

Harmonic Remediation & Surge Protection

When facilities require high voltages for their daily operations they run the risk of power quality concerns and power outages. Harmonic remediation systems can prevent issues with power quality or outages by alternating power into multiple phases. When industrial electrical systems are designed it is vital for electricians to plan for a variety of load-source interactions. With so many electrical systems in a small area, some interaction is inevitable but there are design elements and systems that can help prevent power surges. Contact us for more information.

PLC Motor Controls Installation

PLC (programmable logic controller) circuits are used in industrial settings to make decisions based on input settings and output settings. These intricate systems are an advanced electrical project that uses ladder logic. By following their programmed logic they can redistribute to power as needed to make large machinery run more efficiently. PLCs can be powered by either AC or DC power, if you have questions about your PLCs we would be happy to answer them.

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