Should Your Small Business Install EV Charging Stations?

Should Your Small Business Install EV Charging Stations?

Many people who buy an electric vehicle consider installing an EV charging station for their homes. This of course creates the most efficient way for them to quickly and effectively charge their vehicles. However, an overwhelming number of people who own electric vehicles do not have their own charging stations. Because of this, they rely on charging stations at local businesses to charge their vehicles. Instead of going to a gas station, they go to these local charging stations to quickly and effectively recharge. Even people who own their own charging stations often do quick charges at these business locations.

Benefits Of Installing EV Charging Stations At Your Business

Almost every gas station in the country is near businesses as well as small mini-marts. This is because we know that when drivers are ready to refuel their cars they also are likely to do some quick shopping. From quickly buying some food and beverages to other miscellaneous items. Having an EV charging station outside your business could help you generate business by bringing customers directly to your business. Additionally, it is estimated that the owners of electric vehicles tend to have higher incomes and more disposable money. Depending on your business, an influx of people waiting outside your door could be great for you. If you provide retail, quick grab-n-go food, or similar services, you can count on people charging their vehicles and having some time to kill before they get back on the road. Alternatively, many businesses install chargers as it is an added perk for any of their employees that need charging services. It can help a business appear forward-thinking and modern by having these stations and be impressive to both potential employees as well as potential clients.

Costs of Installing EV Charging Stations

The cost of getting a station and installing it is going to be a pretty large upfront cost. It should be carefully considered before it is undergone. Consider how many people in the area have electric vehicles. Consider how compatible your business is to individuals that might be charging their cars. If your goal is to increase business, you don’t want people charging their vehicles and leaving without purchasing anything. On an ongoing level, electrical bills will also be increased by the need to charge vehicles. It can be estimated of taking up to $60 per car per month. There are some states that provide rebates and other economic incentives to provide public charging stations in the area. Consider checking for these programs in your state. Another thing to consider is how to market to local drivers that you have a charging station. Aside from a sign on the road, many EV charging companies provide listing sites that help drivers find chargers in their area. Getting on these lists can help you get those customers.

EV Charging Station Installation in Boston

For businesses and homes in the Greater Boston area, if you are looking to install EV charging stations, give Cardoso Electrical Services a call. We can help explain more information about what to expect and whether or not it is a good call for your business.