Top Electricity Tips for the Outdoors

Top Electricity Tips for the Outdoors

Most people use electricity daily, but did you know that millions of dollars of property damage and significant injuries can be caused due to electricity-related situations that could have been avoided? It is imperative to operate electrical equipment properly, especially if you are utilizing it for outdoor areas. Below we list the top electricity tips for the outdoors for you to consider when preparing your outdoor space this spring: 

Maintaining Outdoor Lighting

Particular precautions should be taken when working with outdoor lighting systems. These can be especially dangerous in wet conditions, so ensuring that your outdoor lighting fixtures, light bulbs, and more are weatherproof and protected is essential. If your bulbs need to be replaced, make sure that you turn off all outdoor circuits beforehand to prevent injuries.

Extension Cord Safety

When working outdoors with any electrical equipment, ensure that anything you choose is weather-resistant and marked explicitly for outdoor use. These weather-resistant cords have been designed to withstand the harsh conditions of any outdoor environment. If you notice the cable has frayed wires and other damage, replace it immediately to prevent unnecessary damage. Lastly, when storing your extension cords, ensure they are clear of all water and protected against any additional elements – if possible, it is always best to keep them indoors.

Protecting Your Outdoor Outlets

Your outdoor electrical outlets are a convenient way to access different outdoor electrical services. Those outlets must be maintained and adequately protected to prevent damage or injuries to you or your home. One of the easiest ways for your outdoor outlet to get damaged is through unwanted moisture. Most standard flip-up tabs on outdoor outlets can only protect them when they’re not used. If you regularly use outdoor outlets, you should consider purchasing an additional waterproof cover that will allow you to use the plug while protecting it against water.

Working Near Power Lines

Some outdoor work may put you in danger of working near overhead power lines. To maintain proper outdoor electrical safety, ensure every wire is energized and avoid fallen wires and trees. It is helpful to familiarize yourself with the locations of any power lines around your home and work to avoid those areas. If a power line falls down in your yard, immediately contact your utility company and a licensed electrician.

Electrical Work in Greater Boston

Electricity is valuable, but it can also be dangerous. Electrical safety is often followed in the home but must be observed when doing yard work and dealing with outdoor lighting. If you have any concerns regarding your use of outdoor electrical systems, consider contacting Cardoso Electric today, and we can answer any questions you may have.