How Do I Reset Outdoor Motion Lights?

How Do I Reset Outdoor Motion Lights?

If you have motion lights outside that are not working, there are a few potential issues that could be causing your issues. In this guide, we will discuss how to find the root cause of why your motion lights are not working properly, how to fix those issues, and other information on outdoor electrical work. If you need any outdoor electrical work done for your business or home in the Greater Boston area, we would be happy to help. Give Cardoso Electrical Services a call for more information.

Figuring Out Why Your Motion Lights Aren't Working

There are a few different reasons a motion light isn’t working. Motion lights are designed with sensors and when they are new and working properly they trigger whenever a person, car, or even a small animal moves underneath the sensor. There are two common issues with outdoor motion sensors that have different solutions.

  • The light is not coming on. If you notice that the light is not coming even when you step underneath it this could be for a few reasons. The bulb could be burnt out, there could be issues with how power is getting to the light, the light might be set to only be active at specific times of day, or there is an issue with the sensor.
  • The light is turning off. If the light comes on but never turns off or stays on for long periods of time, you might need to reset your motion sensor light. Generally, lights are supposed to turn off after 30-60 seconds of no movement under the sensor.

Why Doesn’t The Motion Light Come On?

As mentioned above, one group of problems with motion sensor lights is that they don’t come on at all. There are a few reasons this could be the case. Starting with the obvious, it could be that the bulb simply needs to be replaced or that power is not being directed to the light. Make sure that if the light is wired through a lightswitch that the switch is on and make sure that the circuit that light is running on is also on as well. Consider swapping out the bulb and testing to see if that fixes it. If the light still isn’t working it could be an issue with the sensor and you should reset your light. 

How Do I Reset A Motion Sensor Light?

Outdoor Electrical Work in Greater Boston

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