How To Safely Take Down Holiday Lights

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How To Safely Take Down Holiday Lights

We love seeing all the Christmas lights and holiday decorations throughout the holiday season. But now that the holiday weekend has passed many people are probably contemplating when to take down their Christmas trees and holiday lights. As seasoned electricians we wanted to provide a few guidelines and safety tips on the proper way to remove lights indoors & outdoors as well as how to store them. If you live in the Greater Boston area and need any electrical services including installation of new outdoor plugs or inspections and maintenance, please give us a call. We would be happy to help. Many businesses and homes notice issues with their electrical system during the holidays due to the increased electrical load from decorations. If your lights were flickering or your breaker went off, we can help troubleshoot. 

When Should You Take Down Your Holiday Decorations?

Now, we aren’t talking about when in terms of when it is appropriate to take down the lights. The jury is always going to be out on that question. Some people take all their decorations down on the 26th, some wait until the 12 days of Christmas are over, and some leave holiday lights up through the winter. What we mean when we say “when” is when is it safe to take down your holiday lights. Keep an eye on the forecast. You don’t want to be taking down string lights if there is ice or snow near where you are putting your ladder. You want to make sure you have a secure surface before climbing up to the top floor of your home. Additionally, you should always aim to avoid being outside if the weather is extremely cold or if there are high winds that could shake you when you are up on a ladder. Aim for a day when the temperature is relatively high, there are not high winds, and you know you can secure your ladder correctly. 

How To Safely Remove Holiday String Lights Outdoors:

When removing string lights from upper floors, always use a ladder. Never step on the top wrung of the ladder and never extend a ladder beyond its recommended point. Have a second person at the base of the ladder stabilizing it for extra security. When removing lights do not over extend your arm and upper body too far to the right or left. Remove lights from hooks, descend the ladder, move the ladder, and then do the next set of hooks. Over extending can lead to losing your balance. Always try to maintain 2-3 points of contact with the ladder, you should never be on one foot.

How To Safely Remove Holiday String Lights Indoors:

When removing lights and decorations indoors, make sure to turn off all the electronics. Depending on the decoration, give it time to cool if the bulbs get warm. If you have hanging lights high-up, follow the same advice with the ladder. Never over extend and never stand on the top of a ladder. Always make sure you are able to brace yourself and keep your balance. When removing decorations, it is important to coil the cords up correctly so that they do not tangle. With long wires or string lights you want to wrap them around your arm so they can be stored in a tight circle. 

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